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Preventing Elder Abuse

The Office of the Public Advocate is a member of the WA Alliance for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (APEA); an alliance of government, non-government and voluntary organisations. Members of APEA:WA work collaboratively to raise awareness of issues that surround elder abuse, and to influence current attitudes, policies and practices in relation to elder abuse.

The Office of the Public Advocate offers training, education and information sessions for community members and service providers on preventing, recognising and responding to elder abuse. These are usually held to coincide with the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on 15 June each year. For the next information session on preventing elder abuse, please consult the training page.

Visit the APEA website, or view the protocols which aid in the referral processes between agencies in instances of alleged elder abuse, for more information.

Last updated: 21-May-2018

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