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Community education & training

Community education and training initiatives help the community understand guardianship and administration and the role of the Office of the Public Advocate.

A range of publications and a professional training program promote public awareness and understanding of the need to protect and promote the human rights of people with decision-making disabilities.

They also increase awareness of the mistreatment of older people and steps that can be taken to protect vulnerable adults.

The programs promote family and community responsibility for guardianship and encourage family members, service providers and government agencies to use the Office’s services.

Community education initiatives are aimed at:

  • primary care providers, who may be either carers or paid service providers, responsible for providing day-to-day support for the person with a decision-making disability
  • private administrators appointed by the State Administrative Tribunal
  • potential customers - people who do not, at present have a decision-making disability but who seek to make provision for the possibility that they may lose their decision-making capacity and may require the support of a substitute decision-maker at some time in the future
  • health professionals - nurses, social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists and general practitioners
  • legal/financial/superannuation professionals
  • other service providers including government departments and non-government agencies.

For information on the Public Advocate's publications see Publications and Research.

Last updated: 11-Sep-2015

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