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Office of the Public Advocate
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Publications and research

The Public Advocate provides information to stakeholders and service providers in mental health, disability services, community accommodation, legal services and health care, among others.

The Public Advocate produces a range of publications and is involved in research projects which seek to broaden public and professional awareness of the issues affecting people with decision-making disabilities.

Publications include the annual report and a number of brochures, guides and information sheets.

Annual Reports

This section contains Office of the Public Advocate's annual reports from 1 July 2001.


This section contains a range of brochures produced by the Office of the Public Advocate.

Guides and Kits (EPA and EPG)

This section contains a range of guides and kits produced by the Office of the Public Advocate, as well as some sample completed forms.

Enduring Power of Attorney

Enduring Power of Guardianship

Information Sheets

This section contains information sheets on a range of topics relating to the Office of the Public Advocate.

Plain English Factsheets

Position Statements

This section contains the Office of the Public Advocate’s position statements.

Translated Publications

This section contains information translated into languages other than English.










Miscellaneous Publications

This section contains a variety of the Office of the Public Advocate’s publications.

Last updated: 7-Dec-2021

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