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Office of the Public Advocate
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The Office of the Public Advocate is involved in a range of activities, including:

  • Guardianship services (as guardian of last resort)
    When the State Administrative Tribunal determines there is no one else willing, suitable and available, the Public Advocate is appointed as guardian to make treatment, accommodation and other lifestyle-related decisions on behalf of an adult with a decision-making disability.
  • Advocacy and investigation services
    Determining if an application to the Tribunal is necessary or providing advice to the Tribunal regarding the appointment of a guardian or administrator.
    Advocating on behalf of adults with decision-making disabilities.
  • Policy development
    Liaising with Government, community and business organisations in the development of appropriate legislation, policies and services, which protect and promote the human rights of adults with decision-making disabilities.
  • Community guardianship program
    Co-ordinating a program that matches suitable volunteers with represented people to be appointed as their guardians, as a less restrictive alternative to the appointment of the Public Advocate.
  • Community education and training
    Providing information through a suite of publications, professional training sessions and a Telephone Advisory Service.

Last updated: 25-Aug-2015

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